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New Bad Cat Guitar Amps
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Prices on Bad Cat Amps!

Bad Cat Amplifiers is the Premier Line of Class A Amps Built Today.
The Bad Cat Amplifier Offers Rugged Construction and
A Rich Tone that Has to be Heard to be Believed!

We will happily order you anything not in stock!
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  • Bad Cat "Black Cat" Combo Amp - In Stock, Call for Price!!
    • All Hand-Wired Construction
    • Slightly Less Recent Version with Master Volumes Not as "Ergonomic"
    • 15 Watts Output from Two EL-84 Power Tubes Running Class A
    • Half-Power Switch
    • Two Footswitchable Channels, Each with Own Master Volume Control
    • One Channel EF-86 Based, The Other 12ax7 Based
    • Series Effects Loop
    • One Proprietary Bad Cat/Celestion "Vintage 30 Based" 12" Speaker
    • Black Covering with Gold Sparkle Grille
    • Footswitch Included
  • Bad Cat "Siamese Drive" Two Channel Boost/Overdrive Pedal - In Stock
    Call For Price!
  • Bad Cat "Classic Cat R" Combo Amplifier - In Stock - Call For Price!
    • All Hand-Wired Construction
    • 20 Watts Output from Two 6v6 Power Tubes
    • Class A Circuitry
    • One "Custom" Celestion Vintage 30 12" Speaker
    • Tube Driven Spring Reverb
    • Black Tolex with Gold Grille
  • Bad Cat "Cub XR" 1x12" Combo Amp - Now In Stock - Call For Price!
    • All Hand-Wred Construction
    • 15 Watts Output From Two EL-84 Power Tubes
    • Half-Power Switch
    • Footswitchable Overdrive (Footswitch Included)
    • Spring Reverb
    • One "Custom Made" Celestion Vintage 30 12" Speaker
    • Black Ostrich Covering with Red Front Panel and Black Sparkle Grille
  • Bad Cat "Trem-Cat" 1x12" Combo Amp - Now in Stock - Call For Price!
    • All Hand-Wired Construction
    • 30 Watts Output from 4xEL84 Power Tubes
    • Features the Beautiful Bad Cat Tremolo and Lush Bad Cat Reverb
    • High Power (30 Watts) or Low Power (15 Watts) Switching
    • Point-to-Point Construction
    • Black Tolex and Creme Tolex Front Panel - Tan Speaker Grille
    • One Custom Designed Celestion 12" Speaker
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